Residential Construction

In our region the term Residential Construction shall apply to all work relating to the installation, dismantling, maintenance, repair, adjustment and correction of all heating, ventilating, air-conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and fire protection fixtures, equipment and systems, including, but not limited to; the unloading, handling by hand, power equipment and installation of all piping or tubing, appurtenances and equipment pertaining thereto, and remodel work of a nature associated with residential type structures, but only when performed on the following structures:

  1. One or two family dwellings;
  2. All multiple family dwelling units up to 36 units; and
  3. Townhouses, condominiums, student apartments or similar structures with up to 24 units.
  4. Motels and Hotels up to 4 stories
  5. Any multi family dwelling unit of wood frame.

Collective Bargaining Agreement:

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Wage Chart:

Rate Sheet Residential 7.1.21

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