Facts & Contacts

Assisting contractors in  providing the owner with quality welding at reduced costs the Toledo Chapter 24 of the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau provides member contractors with access to 109 pre-developed welding procedures and 5 brazing procedures to assist contractors in meeting the requirements of ASME Section IX B31.1 and NFPA 99 with quality certified welders. Seamless interchange of welder qualifications and maintenance of required continuity logs is provided by the local Chapter as well as technical assistance and access to national and international welding and code expertise through affiliation with the National office.  Membership in the National Chapter is required at a nominal one time initiation fee.

– Anne Saloff – NCPWB Chapter 24 Secretary – 419 666 6900 ext. 2

– Tony Koepfer, Dunbar Mechanical – Chapter Technical Representative – 419 467 8192

Here is the link to the current NCPWB Chapter 24 Membership listing:

NCPWB members