Fringe Benefits

MCA NW OH Employers provide generous benefits to employees, including: Active Health and Welfare Plan, a Retiree Health Care Plan, Supplemental Health Benefits, Pension Plan, 404c, as well as on-going training. Click on the links below to review the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for a general idea of the benefits offered. For detailed information on benefits, call the Northwestern Ohio Plumbers & Pipefitters Health and Welfare Fund Office at 419-662-1388, Monday through Friday 8a to 4:30p. There could be amendments to the attached SPDs that are not available in print yet, so again, contact the Fund Office for specific info.

Currently, contributions of $22.99 are for benefits and training; most are per man-hour paid as follows:

Active Health plan: $8.27
Retiree Health plan: $2.12
Local pension: $5.45 ($2.35 is credited to the active, $3.10 is not credited.)
National pension: $1.65 (on hours worked)
404c: $4.50
International Training Fund: $.10 (on hours worked)
Local Training Fund: $.45
PIPE (LMCC) $.10

MSCA $.07
MCAF: $.28