Mechanical Construction


The following is the jurisdiction of work of the Union which shall be done exclusively by members of the Union within the geographical limits as defined in the agreement in Schedule A. It is list here for ea
All piping for plumbing, water, waste, floor drains, drain grates, supply, leader, soil pipe, grease traps, sewage and vent reference.

  1. All piping for water filters, water softeners, water meters and setting of same.
  2. All cold, hot and circulating water lines, piping for house pumps, cellar drainers, ejectors, house tanks, pressure tanks, swimming pools, display fountains, drinking fountains, aquariums, plumbing fixtures and appliances, and the handling and setting of the equipment mentioned above.
  3. All water services from mains to buildings, including water meters and meter foundations.
  4. All water mains from whatever source, including branches and fire hydrants, etc.
  5. All down spouts and drainage areas, soil pipe, catch basins, manholes, drains, gravel basins, storm water sewers, septic tanks, cesspools, water storage tanks, etc.
  6. All liquid soap piping, liquid soap tanks, soap valves, and equipment in bath and washrooms, shower stalls, etc.
  7. All bathroom, toilet room and shower room accessories, e.g. towel racks, paper holders, glass shelves, hooks, mirrors, cabinets, etc.
  8. All lawn sprinkler work, including piping, fittings and lawn sprinkler heads.
  9. All lead lining for x-ray rooms, nuclear installations, fountains, swimming pools or shower stalls, tanks or vats for all purposes and for roof flashings in connection with the pipefitting industry.
  10. All fire stand pipe, fire pumps, pressure and storage tanks, valves, hose racks, fire hoses, cabinets and accessories, and all piping for sprinkler work of every description.
  11. All block tin coils, carbonic gas piping for soda fountains and bars, etc.
  12. All piping for railing work and racks of every description, whether screwed or welded.
  13. All piping for pneumatic cleaning systems of every description.
  14. All piping for hydraulic, vacuum, pneumatic, air, water, steam, oil or gas used in connection with railway cars, railway motor cars and railway locomotives.
  15. All marine piping and all piping used in connection with ship building and shipyards.
  16. All power plant piping of every description.
  17. The handling, assembling and erecting of all economizers, super-heaters, regardless of the mode or method of making joints, hangers, and erection of same.
  18. All internal and external piping on boilers, heaters, tanks and evaporators, water legs, water backs and water grates, boiler compound equipment, etc.
  19. All soot blowers and soot collecting piping systems.
  20. The setting, erecting and piping for all smoke consuming and smoke washing and regulating devices.
  21. The setting and erecting and piping of instruments, measuring devices, thermostatic controls, gauge boards and other controls used in connection with power, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, manufacturing, mining and industrial work.
  22. The setting and erecting of all boiler feeders, water heaters, filters, water softeners, purifiers, condensate equipment, pumps, condensers, coolers and all piping for same in power houses, distributing and boosting stations, refrigeration, bottling, distilling and brewing plants, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.
  23. All piping for artificial gases, natural gases and holders and equipment for same, chemicals, minerals and by-products and refining of same for any and all purposes.
  24. The setting and erecting of all underfeed stokers, fuel burners and piping, including gas, oil, power fuel, hot and cold air piping, and all accessories and parts of burners and stokers, etc.
  25. All ash collecting and conveyor piping systems, including all air washing and dust collecting piping and equipment, accessories and appurtenances and regulating devices, etc.
  26. The setting and erection of all oil heaters, oil coolers, storage and distribution tanks, transfer pumps, and mixing devices, and piping thereto of every description.
  27. The setting, erecting and piping of all cooling units, pumps, reclaiming systems and appurtenances, in connection with transformers and piping to switches of every description.
  28. All fire extinguishing systems and piping, whether by water, steam, gas or chemical, fire alarm piping and control tubing, etc.
  29. All piping for sterilizing, chemical treatment, deodorizing and all cleaning systems of every description and laundries for all purposes.
  30. All piping for oil or gasoline tanks, gravity and pressure lubricating and grating systems, air and hydraulic lifts, etc.
  31. All piping for power or heating purposes, either by water, air, steam, gas, oil, chemicals or any other method.
  32. All piping, setting and hanging of all units and fixtures for air conditioning, cooling, heating, roof cooling, refrigerating, ice making, humidifying, dehydrating, by any method and the charging and testing, servicing of all work after completion.
  33. All pneumatic tube work and all piping for carrying systems by vacuum, compressed air, steam, water or any other method.
  34. All piping to stoves, fire grates, blast and heating furnaces, ovens, driers, heaters, oil burners, stokers and boilers and cooking utensils, etc., of every description.
  35. All piping in connection with central distributing filtration treatment stations, boosting stations, waste and sewage disposal plants, central chlorination and chemical treatment works, and all underground supply lines to cooling wells, suction basins and aeration basins.
  36. All process piping for refining, manufacturing, industrial and shipping purposes of every character and description.
  37. All air piping of every description.
  38. All temporary piping of every description in connection with building and construction work, excavating and underground construction.
  39. The laying out and cutting of all holes, chases and channels, the setting and erection of bolts, inserts, stands, brackets, supports, sleeves, thimbles, hangers, conduit and boxes used in connection with the pipefitting industry.
  40. The handling and setting of boilers, setting of fronts, setting of soot blowers and attaching of all boiler trimmings.
  41. All pipe transportation lines for gas, oil, gasoline, fluids and liquids, water aqueducts and water lines and booster stations of every description.
  42. All acetylene and arc welding, brazing, lead burning, soldered and wiped joints, caulked joints, expanded joints, rolled joints or any other mode or method of making joints in connection with the pipefitting industry.
  43. Laying out, cutting, bending and fabricating of all pipe work of every description by whatever mode or method.
  44. All methods of stress relieving of all pipe joints made by every mode or method.
  45. The assembling and erecting of tanks used for mechanical, manufacturing or industrial purposes, to be assembled with bolts, packed or welded joints.
  46. The handling and using of all tools and equipment that may be necessary for the erection and installation of all work and materials used in the pipefitting industry.
  47. The operation, maintenance, repairing, servicing and dismantling of all work installed by journeymen members of the Union.
  48. All piping for cataracts, cascades; i.e. (artificial waterfalls), makeup water fountains, captured water, water towers, cooling towers and spray ponds used for industrial, manufacturing, commercial or for any other purposes.
  49. The adjusting and servicing of all heating and/or cooling devices that are the jurisdiction of the United Association, except for factory trained representatives or trained experts whose supervision may be requested by the owner, architect, engineer or Employer.
  50. All control devices, either pneumatic or electric used to regulate or control a system installed by the U.A.

Collective Bargaining Agreement:

6-30-17 CBA

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Rate Sheet BT 7.1.21

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