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Members of this Corporation shall be composed of entities and individuals who are

(a) signatory to collective bargaining agreements with labor organizations representing employees working in the mechanical contracting industry,
(b) certified /licensed from the State of Ohio through a natural person who holds such licensure/certification,
(c) members of the MCAA,
(d) regularly engaged in the mechanical contracting industry, (e) who have established places of business,
(f) who employ labor for the prosecution of such business, and
(g) who agree to comply with all the conditions and requirements of Membership as set forth herein.

If the Member is an entity, it may designate one employee, officer, or other representative to exercise the rights and responsibilities of membership on its behalf.  All Members shall be voting members.

Application for membership in this Corporation shall be made in the form and manner as is required by the Board of Directors from time to time; provided however, all applicants shall agree to abide by this Code of Regulations.  The application shall be accompanied by payment for such application as required by the Board of Directors from time to time.  If the applicant meets the requirements for the class of membership sought, the Directors shall admit the applicant  as a member in the class requested.