Virtual – Critical Approach to Troubleshooting

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Date(s) - May 12th, 2021
9:00am - 11:00am


Time:  9:00am – 11:00am

Location:  ZOOM

Topic:  Critical Approach to Troubleshooting

Course Description

Systems break down—that is a fact of life. We have all run across a piece of equipment that is unresponsive, faulty, or acting abnormally for no reason at all. It can be downright frustrating; especially when the problem is not always obvious.

Troubleshooting usually follows a systematic approach; to identify the problem, plan a response, test the solution, and resolve the problem. There is also a true value to excellent troubleshooting and customer satisfaction. When your team excels at troubleshooting, they know exactly what questions to ask, and they do not waste time collecting information they do not need.


Listed below are the recommended steps we will identify and discuss in detail to make your team more efficient and to provide a better overall experience for customers:

-Starting the process—identify the problem.
– Understanding the client’s point of view.
– Take time to understand the system—not just the piece of equipment.
– What is the problem? What could be the source?
– Keep it simple; start from the beginning.
– Eliminate possibilities, one at a time.
– Follow the road map: equipment information.
– What is available for support?
– Document what you do and who you talk to.
– Communicate with the client throughout the troubleshooting process.
– Communicate with the office.
– When do we call in outside help?
– Complete the call, follow up with the client to know what you did and how the problem was fixed.

Woody Woodall Bio

Woody Woodall is the managing Principal of Customer Focused Solutions, Inc. He focuses on assisting contractors and associations to achieve their strategic goals through education and collaboration. Woody has had a long and distinguished career in the mechanical contracting industry and held numerous positions in the mechanical field. By being so engaged in the industry, he has been able to see and experience the cutting-edge processes that truly can make service groups the best in class in their areas.

Woody started as a Steamfitter with Local 602 in the Washington DC area. After completing his apprenticeship, he went on to become an Instructor for the Union Apprentice Program in Washington, DC. Through his passion for teaching, he has since become an integral part of the education offerings of the Mechanical Service Contractors Association (MSCA). He was instrumental in helping to develop many of their educational offerings, including the HVAC 101 program and the Sales Institute.

Woody has received many accolades through his career including Certified Instructor through the United Association, served on several committees of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington (MCAMW), served as Chairman of the Education Committee on the national level, served on the Board of Managers of MSCA, was National Chairman of MSCA and received the “D.S. O’Brien Award of Excellence” for outstanding contributions to the industry. But his most prized award was “All Star Dad” awarded to him by the National Father’s Day Counsel after being nominated by his children. Woody has retired from the day-to-day mechanical service business and is now focused full time on Customer Focused Solutions, Inc. Woody brings his unique blend of industry and teaching experience to virtual courses by providing top notch, accessible education for everyone in your organization.

OCILB: 1.5


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