Training Centers


1.) The Piping Industry Training Center is committed to serving both Labor and Management of the Piping Industry of Northwest (near Toledo) Ohio. Privately funded by contractors listed on this website, the center continues to achieve excellence as evidenced by referrals, awards and repeat business for those who hire graduates of this training program. Apprentices and journeymen take advantage of opportunities to continously upgrade their skills after work and on weekends.  (Photo below provided by the Piping Industry Training Center.)

2.) Today’s field construction boilermaker apprentice is involved in more that just the construction and repair of boilers. Apprentices are a vital part of construction

project teams that erect and repair pressure vessels, air pollution equipment, blast furnaces, water treatment plants, storage and process tanks, stacks and liners. An apprentice could be involved in the installation of a giant superheater section in a large utility boiler, the erection of a 750,000-gallon water storage tank, the placement of a nuclear power plant reactor dome, or the construction of components on a hydroelectric power station.(Photo provided by Paul McGrew of the IBB Local 85 Apprentice Training Center.)