Career Opportunities

Apprentice Programs in Mechanical TradesCareer-Opportunities

An Important, Challenging, High-Income Opportunity for Bright Students

What is Needed to Succeed in this Field?

  • Mechanical aptitude, desire to work with tools
  • Math and science capabilities
  • Common sense, intelligence
  • Work ethic
  • Communication capabilities
  • Critical thinking capabilities
  • Emotional intelligence
  • At times you’ll encounter a chaotic, dangerous, high-pressured work environment. Need to be able to empathize, recognize critical relationships, understand conflict and exercise self- restraint.

The Future in Skilled Trades

  • Highly technical; computer and tech gadget savvy.
  • Good welders are in demand.
  • Good attitude and work ethic.
  • Math and science skills.
  • Security clearances.
  • Problem solving capabilities.
  • Mechanical aptitude and desire to work with tools.
  • Can work alone or on a team, depending on career path.
  • Can move into a variety of management tracks.
  • Can own a business.

What Do Apprentice Programs in Mechanical Trades Do?

  • Train individuals to become experts in building or servicing HVACR and fluid and gas systems.
  • Train individuals to conduct work in a safe manner.
    • Fall protection, combustible dust, excavation and trenching, drug free work place, crane signaling, rigging, confined space, arc flash, etc…..
  • Teach effective troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques.

Apprenticeship “The Other College Degree”

  • Education is paid for!
    • Jointly funded by labor and management at $25,000 – $30,000 per student for 4 to 5 year apprenticeship.
  • Minimal out-of-pocket for student.
    • book fees
    • minimal tools
    • work boots
  • No loan to repay after graduation.
  • Terrific Education and Career Path
  • Work and earn in the field of study while training.
  • Many career paths beyond field work.
    • Foreman/Supervisor
    • Scheduler, Estimator, Project Manager
    • Sales
    • Executive, Company Owner
    • Training and skills upgrade opportunities throughout career.
  • Something for every personality type:
    • Can lead a team, or
    • be a contributor on the team, or
    • work alone on several projects throughout the week.

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