MCAA Announces Safe Ladder Use Training Video


MCAA has just released a new training video aimed at helping workers prevent falls from ladders.  MCAA’s On and Off the Rungs: Safe Ladder Use educates workers about the most common reasons that falls from ladders occur and how to prevent them. Workers will learn how new technology has improved ladder and safe practices to avoid the most common ladder hazards.  This new safety resource is free as a benefit of MCAA/MSCA membership.  To access the video, go to Apple’s App Store or the Android Play Store and search for “MCAA Video.”  Download the app and then enter your MCAA Members-Only password when prompted.  The video and training materials are also available at Cochran


OSHA Compliance Officers are Looking for…..

Recently, OSHA Compliance Officers in the Northeast Ohio Region are issuing citations for some interesting things.  There have been citations issued for employees wearing dust masks and not having a respiratory program under OSHA.  IF the employee is wearing the respirator voluntarily, there must be a signed copy of Appendix D from the respirator standard and also the employee must have been given a copy of the standard.

Be aware that a two strap dust mask IS a respirator and whether or not it is voluntary or mandatory is irrelevant to the respirator standard.

Secondly, OSHA has issued citations for operators of Rough Terrain Forklifts for NOT having an operator card.  In the forklift standard it requires the operator to have a valid operator card.

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