Boilermakers primarily work in nuclear and fossil power plants, and also work in shipyards, refineries and chemical plants.

The work involves welding, rigging and fabricating.


The collective bargaining agreement with IBB L85 covers the working rules and conditions of employment for all journeymen boilermakers, apprentices, and helpers employed in the boilermaking trade by a signatory Employer, including but not limited to: Boilermaking, welding, acetylene burning, riveting, chipping, caulking, rigging, fitting up, grinding, reaming, impact machine operating, unloading and handling of the boilermaker’s material and equipment, and such other work that comes under the trade jurisdiction of the Boilermaker.

Local 85 Boilermaker Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Signed L85 CBA July 2012 through June 2015 (PDF)

Boilermaker Wage Chart:

Local 85 wage chart 10113 (PDF)

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