How to Turn Around a Job Going Bad: A Case Study

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Date(s) - April 30th, 2019
8:00am - 4:00pm

Mechanical Contractors Association of Northwestern Ohio Inc.


How to Turn Around a Job Going Bad:  A Case Study

Presented by: Tom Williams

Too often when a project is recognized as a problem job instead of changing the project, we call the lawyers. This session will offer proven methods for recognizing troubled projects and quantifying the potential costs. Several completed projects will be examined as a model for appropriate response.

Attendees will use labor factors to predict the impact of owner’s actions while using the “measured mile” methodology to prove the veracity of the original estimate. One project will be examined in depth to model best how to proceed when trouble is identified. Then the process for giving proper notice that can change a troubled job to a successful project will be modeled. If the job cannot be turned around, the best method for improving your negotiating position is verified. Using the lessons learned the attendees can update their business processes to avoid the disaster project.

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